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Shock Caption is intended to control many the of the windows’ features
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Shock Caption is a small application intended to control the whole aspect of your computer’s screen. It is a complete manager of the of the windows’ features that allows you to minimize them so that they only occupy the space assigned to their title bar, to apply them transparency, to hide them completely (even the task bar), or to keep them at the top/bottom.

To control the applied action it has a series of shortcuts composed by the mouse's right button plus the minimize, maximize and close buttons of each window, the addition of the Ctrl and Shift keys, and the direct right click on the title bar. Nevertheless, all of this generates 12 shortcuts, named:

Right click caption bar
Min button right click
Max button right click
Close Button right click
Caption bar Ctrl + right click
Min button Ctrl + right click
Max button Ctrl + right click
Close button Ctrl + right click
Caption bar Shift + right click
Min button Shift + right click
Max button Shift + right click
Close button Shift + right click

These names express the combinations clearly. For example, the command Min button Shift + right click means that the user should click the mouse’s right button on the desired window‘s minimize button, while he/she keeps pressed the Shift key; this way, the program applies the assigned action to that window. But what is this action?

All right, Shock Caption has precisely 12 functions:

Invert Min Max: Minimize the window to its title bar if it is maximized, or maximize it if it is minimized
Min: Minimizes the window to its title bar
Max: Maximizes the window from its title bar.
Hide from tray: Puts the window in the list of software that will be completely hidden when the ‘Minimized Windows’ command from the pop up menu of the icon in the system tray is selected
Min Max All Invert: Maximizes the minimized windows and vice versa
Min All: Minimize all windows to their title bar name.
Max All: Maximizes all the windows
Stay on top: Keeps that window on top
Transparence invert: applies transparency to the solid windows and turns solid the windows that are transparent.
Transparence: applies transparency to the window
Cancel Transparence: Eliminates the transparency from the window
Stay on bottom: keeps the window on bottom

Shortcuts described before can execute any of these functions, according to the user’s configuration. When I tried this program, the default configuration and layout seemed very comfortable to me

Once the user is familiar with the shortcuts, this application is really useful and comfortable.

This program is very useful for those whose activities demand they shift between windows frequently or to see the contents of several windows at the same time.

Available in Korean, French, Russian, Slovak and English

Sergio A. Durán
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  • Really useful
  • Simple but complete
  • Learning curve extremely reduced


  • Interface's English translation misspelled
  • No Help file, and Help web page not available anymore
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